Welcome to Todmorden Sonnets
The First Edition from
The Sonnet Man

Welcome to this website of my sonnets.
You may find, at least, one which gives pleasure.
Browsers, whether gregar’us or hermits can peruse these words of mine at leisure.
It’s not they’re the greatest poems ever, but they are sincere and original.
They have arisen from my endeavour.
‘ can think on one, a lot or minimal.

Content, on this site, displayed as a gift.
In the world now, in perpetuity, if seen, remembered, downloaded, and if I pay annu’l charges, and let them be.

The Sonnet Man hereby presents his thoughts
for you to enjoy, whatever their faults

Additional Editions

I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last 13 years.
Just over 1000 of those can be read on my 10 websites.

What Is a Sonnet?

Like all good school children would know, Shakespeare was perhaps the most famous poet and writer of sonnets. He wrote 154 of them and a few plays beside.

The term sonnet derives from the Italian word sonetto, meaning “little song”.

Sonnets typically take a specific structure of 14 lines, 10 syllables a line, that follows a strict rhyming scheme and I have continued this format in my 100 works published here on this website Todmorden Sonnets.

Are These Sonnets Copyrighted?

Like the sonnets on my other websites, the ones on this one are my intellectual property.
However, I would be happy for any to be used, as felt fit,
provided they are accredited to The Sonnet Man or the relevant website address.

I can be contacted by the email address:

No insulting or irrelevant ones please. They will be deleted.
There may be a delay in my responding, but I will do so, eventually.

(Through a fog lightly)

It’s a mystery in an enigma,

or a riddle inside a conundrum,

who I’ve become, beyond my insignia;

what really excites me, not just hum drum.

Magical trick does the impossible.

 Escape from being bound by locks and chains.

 Can’t explain how got beyond obstacle.

 Forgotten what’s learnt, getting by on brains.

Perhaps just a muddle in the chaos.

An anarchic smile in a debacle.

Keep staying in the league after play off.

Unilluminated in a dark hall.

‘How I have got here’ question not answered.

Clarity and logic, one day mastered.